Personal & Corporate Fitness

Personal Training

Most workouts are circuit style and full body, focusing on weight loss and weight maintenance; cardiovascular health; strength and toning; and maximizing mobility and movement longevity.

Want to get out of the gym? Outdoor workouts are also a possibility!

Contact me at or at 925-523-9560 and we’ll arrange a session, outdoors or indoors. I always meet for a free consultation with new clients. So contact me and we’ll meet up, maybe grab a cup of joe, and talk about your goals!



  • Private session: $90/hour
  • Buddy Session: $60/hour each
  • 3 or 4 Person Group Session: $45/hour


Corporate Fitness

Is your company ready to take employee benefits to the next level?

Let’s talk corporate wellness! Increased activity, exercise and nutrition makes a huge impact on any business from a small start-up to a massive corporation. With healthier employees comes happier employees; employees who are less stressed and therefore more productive. Offering fitness incentives, team building workouts, and monthly active events also boosts company morale and enhances employee retention!

Contact me for corporate wellness packages ranging from simple at-work morning and lunch workouts for employees, to more complex options including nutrition consultations, employee health incentives, and team bonding fitness activities.



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