I’m Amanda, a fitness enthusiast and someone who laughs a lot and smiles often.

I think happiness is important and believe that to be happy we all need to be healthy and fit. I’m not talking about being ripped, or having an extremely strict diet. I’m talking about eating right and staying active in order to…

1) Be comfortable with who you are & 2) Be able to live the life you want to live!

Exercising most days of the week and eating well are very important aspects to health. However, don’t freak out about the occasional wine night, or trying out a new, delicious cookie recipe for your significant other. After all, those things are part of what makes life enjoyable! It’s all about moderation and  everybody should be able to find their own livable healthy lifestyle.

Be active, eat well, and be happy!


Owner Bio – Amanda Nespor:

photoAfter 3 years of experience as a trainer in San Luis Obispo, I moved up to the Bay Area for a great job opportunity and to pursue starting my own company. I currently work in corporate wellness at Google and am concurrently working on expanding my own business HappilyForeverFit in San Francisco. I really enjoy seeing others get healthier, and as a result, happier!

I’ve been active and involved in sports my whole life. After growing up in the East Bay, I went to school at Cal Poly SLO where I majored in kinesiology and found my passion for helping others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Certifications: BS Kinesiology, Nutrition Minor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, FMS certified, CPR & First Aid certified

Email: amanda@happilyforeverfit.com
Phone: 925-523-9560
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